7am Fierce Grace Yoga class - Fierce Grace Primrose Hill

6pm Yoga class - Phoenix Gym

8pm Yoga class - Harrow Arts Centre 


7am Fierce Grace Yoga class - Fierce Grace Primrose Hill 


7am Yoga class - Soho Gyms Camden

8pm Yoga class - Harrow Arts Centre


6.45am Fierce Grace yoga class - Fierce Grace West

9.30am Fierce Grace yoga class - Fierce Grace Primrose Hill


Pop up classes, check here or Facebook for times and locations.



Traditionally, yoga knowledge was always passed on from teacher to student in a one-to-one environment. While that’s not always possible today, private tuition can provide a wonderful opportunity to work in-depth on your specific needs. With each class carefully devised to address the student’s individual level and requirements, these sessions can bring deep physical and emotional benefits.

These private classes you will be built with around your needs, the Yoga experience will be an enriched with vibrant sequences, delightful hands-on assists. These sessions are designed to open both body and mind to the possibility of transformation and always conclude with a blissful relaxation bringing you back into balance for life.

One-to-one or small group tuition with friends and family is a great way to kickstart a new yoga practice or to reinvigorate an existing one. Classes are tailored to your specific requirements, whether you are an experienced yogi / yogini or complete beginner. Privates: 1 to 1 and small groups.



Life is a journey and so has my Yoga practice.  Love life and Yoga I continue.

I was introduced to Yoga in the early 2000’s by a dear friend that had just started herself.  After my first class I decided I liked it and wanted to do more.  So more I did.  I practiced many different styles, including Jivamukti, Bikram and Ilyenger.  Since then the list has grown.

When I first started I worked in accounts and sales which is a strange mix but with the correct balance it worked.  I was also a part time Life Coach.  The more Yoga classes and workshops I attend the more I knew I wanted to be a yoga and teacher and work my Life Coaching in with the Yoga. 

In 2010 and took my 200 hour Power Yoga Training. Today my yoga practice and teachings are inspired by many wonderful yogis and Yoginis.  I give thanks for the many paths I have crossed in my life and continue to give thanks every day.

Life is A Journey to be embraced, felt and enjoyed.